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Friday, September 18, 2015

Man Expects Apple Watch As A Gift, But Breaks Down On What He Actually Got

  • A woman surprised her partner with a birthday present
  • The man expected an Apple watch but got something much, much better
  • He broke down into tears after receiving the delightful surprise
  • A man broke down into tears of joy after realizing he got something as a birthday gift from his wife that is way, way better than what he expected.

In the viral video, the woman told her husband he is about to receive a very special present on his birthday, then asked him to close his eyes, to which he dutifully complied.

“Don’t peek. I’m dead serious, don’t peek. Are you peeking?” the woman asked.

The woman then pulled an unwrapped long white box from under the table and said, “This is a gift that’s been hiding in plain sight for a while,” before laying the box infront of the man.

“But I got you something that I wanted us to be able to share together,” she added.

The man then slowly opened the box, expecting an Apple watch inside. But what he saw was something he didn’t expect to see – a pregnancy test kit which indicated a positive result, much to his pleasant surprise.

“What? Are you serious?” the man said, his face beaming with happiness, before breaking down into tears.

The man literally cried in joy and the heartwarming moment lasted for a few seconds before he decided to hug his partner who, in turn, proudly declared: “We’re gonna have a baby!”

Watch the tear-jerker scene of the adorable couple below.

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