What Could Be A Better Additive To A HapChan Siopao? Cockroach?

How does it feel when you actually find something disgusting on your favorite food while you are filthy hungry? This girl had an amazingly horrible experience.

This is what Lou Gonzales experience as she found a cockroach in between the paper wrapper and the bottom of a siopao she has already started eating!

“While I was eating it, (half-way through!!) I peeled the white paper and the cockroach was underneath. I don’t know if I should be glad it wasn’t inside the siopao. Yikes.” said Gonzales.

Lou Gonzales ordered several pieces of siopao last Saturday, at HapChan's Evia Lifestyle Center located in Daang Hari in Las Pinas City. After the said incident, they had to throw away the rest of the siopaos.

“I had planned to send it back to the restaurant but i thought it would be futile. I didn’t want a refund nor a replacement. I just wanted my friends to know.”

"That could mean their entire kitchen sanitation process is flawed. Lord knows what else happens in there.”, said in one of the Facebook comments.

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