"Surprise" Sexy Dancers Flirt With Liberal Party, Then This Video Surfaces

Sexy, flirty, hot dance all over the stage? Perfect for campaign.

This new Facebook video uploaded by an anonymous concerned citizen showed a pretty much scandalous activity happening at a certain celebration with the Liberal Party in Laguna.

Congressman Benjamin Agarao Jr C. on the spotlight with sexy dancers
According to the emcee during the said event, the girls who said to appear was a "surprise" gift for everyone who have attended this LP-exclusive party.

Check out the posted video below (Warning: SEMI-NSFW)

And while the said party involved was completely defending the event, calling it an isolated case, another photo has surfaced with on of these girls wearing a "Tolentino" shirt, making some netizens assume that it was actually his plan to do this.

Kuya, higa ka. Akong bahala sayo.

So go for that "daang matuwid", or choose:

Your thoughts?

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