Newest NAIA Airport Modus: Holdup For Luxurious-Looking Passengers

There seems to be a new modus operandi in NAIA. Posted by Klaudine Yapyuco on Facebook, the modus is rather an offensive holdup attack by a group of people who gets to spot an arriving passenger with an "interesting" amount / quality of baggage:

So my mom and my sister just got back from a trip to Japan. When they arrived last Sunday night, our driver led them to where our car was parked. When they were lining up to pay parking, a motorcycle gave way to make them go ahead. Just right after paying parking, the motorcycle suddenly sped up and went ahead of them. The whole time on the way home from NAIA 3, the motorcycle was trying to cut them to make them stop (with a bonnet but eyes seen; plate number of motorcycle blurred). He was strangely signaling the driver to stop and as if pulling out something.

Thank God for our driver who was alert enough to know what to do. He didn't even tell my mom about what was going on because he knew my mom would panic (he just informed my mom when they were finally home). Our ever loyal driver said he was prepared to hit the motorcycle any time he made a closer and more noticeable move.
When they reached SM Aura entering C5, the motorcycle suddenly made a U-turn and left. This was ofcourse because of the checkpoint just ahead of them. Thank God nothing happened besides the trauma our driver had to endure!
Apparently, a family friend who works for NAIA informed us of a modus that there's a syndicate with a spotter at the airport for travellers wearing noticeable watches, luggages and bags. They will follow their transportation and try to steal their valuables. So many things happening now, so let's all be careful and alert.
Thank you Lord you protected them!
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