Duterte To Transfer Drug Lords In A No-Signal, Distant Island

MANILA, PHILIPPINES -- Island is the way to go as the Duterte admin is planning to transfer all possible Bilibid Drug Lords who will be caught with drug activity while inside the penitentiary.
Secretary of Jusice Vitaliano Aguirre is wanting to exchange Bilibid drug rulers including Herbert "Ampang" Colangco and Peter Co in a remote island where there is no cellphone signal and a long way from "human progress". 

Islands in Mindanao and Palawan are the proposed spot to fabricate a high security jail for prominent crooks and it will be more secured than National Bilibid Prison, yet living arrangement of Palawan are unequivocally differ to construct a jail island in their place since it will give a terrible impression to the majority of their guests. 

Caballo Island close Corregidor Islands is likewise one the greatest contender to end up the jail island in the Philippines, its former;y turn into an isolate site of the Filipinos who suspected conveying Ebola Virus. 

The island is right now forbidden to regular citizens and watched by Philippine Navy. 

The Prison Island thought came after President Rody Duterte got a data that Drug Lords who effectively inside the Bilibid is as yet proceeding with their illicit medication business, including Herbert Colangco that as per the insight report is as yet purchasing unlawful medications specifically from China in spite of being inside the national prison. 

Netizens are likewise trusting that there will be no VIP treatment happens in the proposed Prison Island.

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