Guy Who Posted Billboard For Erich: A Bigtime Scammer & Famewhore?

MANILA, PHILIPPINES -- Remember the guy who posted an invite for a coffee to Erich on a billboard? The guy is yet to check out.

Remember this trending photo of a billboard from a guy inviting celebrity Erich Gonzales for a coffee date? He's also the guy behind the "Networking showoff your great stuff" stint. A lot has said that instead of actually calling attention to the female celeb, he's actually just making a move to become popular, that even the showoff stint that happened few weeks ago was actually his move to showoff his Louis Vuitton items.

Now it turns out that after a series of bad responses about this move, a Twitter User named Dewanie Catapang blurted out a story about her encounter with Xian Gaza, the guy behind the billboard invite, as a scammer.

Turns out she wasn't only the one. Read on the tweets below:

If these statements are true, it only means one thing that's always been proven and WILL ALWAYS be: Money cannot buy CLASS. 

Now some even speculate that the billboard was an ex-deal since the guy knows how to talk really well. Some tweets even claimed badly produced billboard material that wouldn't really cost anything. We yet have to know the real score.

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