Apparently, There's A TAXI App Launching In Manila, Coincidence?

MANILA, PHILIPPINES -- The newest app “Micab” was recently launched without the need of approval from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

Photo by Patrick Tulfo
What's a Micab? Micab is just like Uber and Grab, an app that allows the user to book a taxi cab using their smartphones. Eddie Ybanez, founder of the said app, said he started the taxi-hailing application already two years ago in Cebu, where Manila is a very close comparison when it comes to getting a taxi.

But unlike the competition, Micab doesn’t add any more vehicles on the road (they will not allow registration of new taxis or cars) that contribute to the worsening traffic conditions in Metro Manila especially EDSA. Instead, they will opt to use existing taxis. They will only partner with premium local taxi operators and are proven safe and worthy.

The Micab app will be easy to use through its features, such as proprietary call and chat system between the passenger and driver that let both parties communicate real time. Like other apps, it also has built in customer-support ticketing system with human interaction, credit and debit options for payment, as well as passenger reward system similar to Grab Rewards, electronic wallet for payment and even loyalty points for the driver.

One advantage of Micab over Uber and Grab is the absence of surge pricing regardless of the hour that the taxi is hailed.

Lawyer Bong Suntay, president of the PNTOA, for his part said, “Taxi operators are one with the passengers in looking for a seamless, convenient, safe and worry-free transport service that everyone can use. This is a major reason we are partnering with Micab; this will allow us to provide maximum convenience to our commuting public."

Endorsed by Bong Suntay? Micab app can be downloaded via

Full source: Business Mirror

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