She Was Nominated For #ALSIceBucketChallenge… But OMG!

Probably the best… or the worst? Click to watch, you judge.

His Stage Fright Shook Him Up And Had To Cut The Audition, But…

… wait until he pushed for 2nd chance. Watch.

This Grandma Went Running Through The Rain! When I Found Out Why, I Was Covered In CHILLS!

This inspired me to enjoy every moment… and leave my umbrella behind!

Still Not Using SUNSCREEN? This WILL Make You Use One After Watching.

Wear sunscreen. Or don’t go outside.

When Americans Eat Filipino “Chichirya” (Snacks)…

What’s your favorite pinoy snacks? #buzzfeed

Robin Williams In The Most Awesome TICKLE FIGHT Ever Recorded.

You will be missed, RIP Bicentennial Man Robin Williams.

Video: Legal Wife Beats Mistress, Takes Video And Posted On Facebook.

What you get for being a mistress, Filipino-style.

He Was Bullied Because of His Looks. But When He Sings, His ‘True Colors’ Light the Stage!

Soni has a devastating disease affecting his face. But he and his sister’s performance had the judges in tears!

How To Get Back At A Cheating Girlfriend? Post Her CHEATING Pics Online.

This girl cheated on his seaman partner while he was away. Here’s how he got even.

Your Phone Rings While On Live TV? Do The Ninja Move!


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