Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Newest NAIA Airport Modus: Holdup For Luxurious-Looking Passengers

There seems to be a new modus operandi in NAIA. Posted by Klaudine Yapyuco on Facebook, the modus is rather an offensive holdup attack by a group of people who gets to spot an arriving passenger with an "interesting" amount / quality of baggage:

So my mom and my sister just got back from a trip to Japan. When they arrived last Sunday night, our driver led them to where our car was parked. When they were lining up to pay parking, a motorcycle gave way to make them go ahead. Just right after paying parking, the motorcycle suddenly sped up and went ahead of them. The whole time on the way home from NAIA 3, the motorcycle was trying to cut them to make them stop (with a bonnet but eyes seen; plate number of motorcycle blurred). He was strangely signaling the driver to stop and as if pulling out something.

Thank God for our driver who was alert enough to know what to do. He didn't even tell my mom about what was going on because he knew my mom would panic (he just informed my mom when they were finally home). Our ever loyal driver said he was prepared to hit the motorcycle any time he made a closer and more noticeable move.
When they reached SM Aura entering C5, the motorcycle suddenly made a U-turn and left. This was ofcourse because of the checkpoint just ahead of them. Thank God nothing happened besides the trauma our driver had to endure!
Apparently, a family friend who works for NAIA informed us of a modus that there's a syndicate with a spotter at the airport for travellers wearing noticeable watches, luggages and bags. They will follow their transportation and try to steal their valuables. So many things happening now, so let's all be careful and alert.
Thank you Lord you protected them!
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Creepy Headless Man Captured On Video During New Years Eve

Bravo Wensie was able to record a video of a headless guy while taking a video together with his friends during New Year's eve.

They were shocked and scared when they noticed that a guy at 1:20-1:25 appeared to be headless. See it for yourself!

Headless Guy at New Year's Eve
Bravo Wensie was able to record a video of a headless guy while taking a video together with his friends during New Year's eve. They were shocked and scared when they noticed that a guy at 1:20-1:25 appeared to be headless. See it for yourself!
Posted by LionhearTV on Monday, January 18, 2016

Tagaytay Accident Victims Showed Creepy Cover Photos On Facebook Before It Happened

As chilling as it may sound, the recent car accident in Tagaytay City which killed 6 people is now being compared to the hit thriller movie, Final Destination after which the victim's respectives profile were revealed showing what seems to be premonitions on what about to happen that night.

The creepy revelation was first posted by Christian Layug on Facebook but it was immediately deleted.

However, the R-Breezy page was able to get a copy of the said post and started sharing it. The photos were screenshots of the accounts of John Paul Tena, 17; Jaymee Garcia (Gubaton), 16; Kirby Bokingo, 16; and john Russel Garcia, 15.

As what it clearly shows, the cover photos of these 4 minors were a road, a road sign, dark smoke and total darkness, all were significant things pointing to the car accident.


If that was not creepy enough, a Facebook user also shared another account of one of the victims; this time of the driver, Lauren Bren Calabines, 16. His cover photo shows a skeleton EVEN UP TO THIS DAY. The fact that they were all just skeleton when the rescuers came, is indeed connected to his profile.

Reports says that the group was on a Toyota Vios car with plate number AHA-5287 and was driving along the road of Brgy. San Jose when suddenly, it went a head-on collision on a nearby tree and fire started to eat tha car and the passengers as well.

As remembered, this incident became a controversial issue after one of the witnesses revealed the whole story on what really happened that night.

He revealed how the authorities came first on the scene but immediately left to 'allegedly' report it to a much higher official, how the other residents ignored that the only sole survivor that time was screaming for help and how the other witnesses mob the nurse who wanted to help those young children.

As of writing, the post already received thousands of comments and shared 5,000 times with over 7,000 user reacted to it.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why The People Behind Airport Taxi / Rent-A-Car Inside NAIA Should Die Already

And the endless ripoff continues...

There's a story circulating online about how the airport taxis work, posted few hours yesterday:

This is the line for metered taxicabs at NAIA Terminal 2. Prior to joining this queue, we had been offered by a guy an "airport taxi." When we reached their desk, we were quoted a fare of P1,800 to our office on Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong. When we asked how come the rate was so high, the man told us it was because we were paying for a "rental car." We protested and said: "But you offered an airport TAXI." He pointed at the long line for the metered taxis, and said we'd have to fall in line if we wanted a taxi.

So we refused and walked away. "Niloloko nyo ang mga tao," we told him. A woman saw us and tried to win us back. She led us to the same desk. She quoted us a rate of P1,280. WTF. Her colleague had just tried to take P1,800 from us. In a span of less than two minutes, the rate had changed.
Even more funnily, another woman approached us and declared: "Sir, eto final na, P1,050." We let her know that her two companions had just tried to charge us higher rates. She answered: "Sir, ganun po talaga dahil iba-iba kaming companies." We told her: "Hindi rin. Magkakasama kayo. Isang kartel din kayo. Parusa kayo sa mga tao."
Even so, we wanted to take the P1,050 ride because we were really exhausted from the long trip. But then we realized we would be contributing to this wrong system if we did.
So we dragged our luggage all the way to the back of the line for the metered taxis. The metered cabs arrived in trickles (the rental cars, however, were available as you needed one).
Standing in front of us in the line was an American geophysicist based in the Philippines. He lives in Makati, and the same rental-car peeps were charging him P3,200. "You know, I love this country, but you have the worst airport in the world," he rued. "The last thing arriving passengers want is to get hassled. And they won't allow Uber here."
Why do we allow this? PS: We paid just P320 for the metered cab.

We also happen to have an AirBnB client who came all the way from Mongolia. Apparently, she was offered a "more efficient" cab, who happens to be a rent-a-car. In the end, she was charged a whopping P1,900! Our daily AirBnB rate is just P650 and she almost paid around 3 days worth of stay already because of that cab.

What a shame.

Not all foreigners who visits Manila happens to have a bunch of budget to spare. Most of the time, the hardcore travelers from around the world are on a tight budget (our visitor is a budget traveller who just wants to see Malapascua next week).

You are killing their wallets and draining all their hard-earned money off of them. You all probably should die, you don't belong to 2016. Walang konsensya. Is there anything else we need to know about NAIA's dirty systems after "laglag-bala", and this?

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

WTF: Colombian Burns Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach Effigy For New Year

What is going on in here?

A Facebook user named, Noider Almanza Barraza apparently has posted a video of an effigy which seemed to be the Miss Universe 2015 winner Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

He posted it with the following caption: "De esta manera se quemó misa philipinas y el presentador de misa universo el año viejo 2015..." translated as "In this way it burned the philippines mass and mass presenter of the universe... 2015 year old.". Watch the video below.

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, 26, is the 3rd Filipina Miss Universe whose 2015 show became a huge trend after the host, Steve Harley, misannounced Colombia as the winner.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Lauren Pushes Filipina Group 4th Impact Member Away During Results Night

Lauren Murray pushed 4th Impact member during The X Factor UK 2015 Top 6 live results show on Sunday, November 22.

The aspiring singer seemed to push a member of the girl group after Louisa Johnson was called to move though the next round. Take a look at 2:50 - 2:53:

Here's a closer look:

However, 4th Impact posted a video asking fans to stop bashing Lauren. “She’s one of our big sister. We love you Lauren Murray, Louisa Johnson and Reggie N Bollie.”

Lauren came under fire previously, when she criticized 4th Impact in a Heat Magazine interview for using the same bathroom in their shared house together with Louisa Johnson.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Here's How Americans React To Our #AlDub Craze!

So the #AlDub craze has hit the BuzzFeed community, and it's just as crazy!

Ben Coleman of BuzzFeed US recently posted this YouTube video about the Philippines' biggest trending topic and online sensation #Aldub (Alden-Yaya Dub). While the rest of us Pinoys can easily understand the story and the characters behind the fad, the US team tries to decode whatever it is that's going on. Watch and be amazed!
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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Lionel Says "Hello" To Adele And Here's How It Went

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

Apparently, the singer of old hit wonder song "Hello" called Adele few hours after releasing her own song with the title similar to his'.

Curious about how it went? Play on.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Remember That Scary China's Glass Skywalk? It Just Cracked.

Still wanna dare cross that glass bridge?

Cracks have appeared on a U-shaped glass-bottomed skywalk built around a mountain cliff in China, sending tourists fleeing off the structure, Chinese media reported.

Wait, did you miss this story? Watch this.

An aerial view shows a glass suspension bridge at the Shiniuzhai National Geo-park in Pinging county, Hunan province, China.

Internet users posted pictures online showing cracks on the reinforced glass flooring, which is suspended more than 1,000 metres above sea level, around a cliff on Yuntai Mountain in Henan province, the Legal Evening News reported.

The photos sparked an outcry, with internet users alleging that inferior construction material had been used to build the skywalk, which opened to public only about two weeks ago.

Officials said the cracks were caused by tourists who had dropped a thermos flask on the glass.

Still wanna cross?

Cebu Pacific Staff Defends Herself After Being Blamed For Missed Flight

In this generation of social media, there's one thing you should ALWAYS remember: Don't trust what you see so easy, and always check facts. Here's an example.

Just a few days ago, a Twitter user name Zigcarlo Dulay posted this particular photo referring to a certain Cebu Pacific staff named Kimberly Cabanilla. Apparently, the photo caption displays frustration about the guy missing his flight due to Kim's negligence.

Lo and behold, it turned out to be a much different story. This is how the Cebu Pacific staff responded. According to her, the guy checks-in at the counter 14 minutes before departure. In Philippine airport standards, checking-in of baggage closes 45 minutes, and checkin without baggage closes 15-30 minutes prior to departure. The guy who posted the photo didn't even bother explaining the reason. Perhaps due to the limited character allowance on Twitter. But still not justifiable.

Here's the official response in Filipino.

Sa mga ganitong pagkakataon, bakit nga ba di siya nakasakay sa flight nya? Advised to flight controller na tumawag pa para tanungin kung pwede ko pa ba syang ipahabol. Offloading time. 15 mins before departure. Bakit kaya di niya inexplain dito kung bakit di sya nakaattend sa sinasabi niyang screening nila. Well, naiintindihan ko kung gano kaimportante yung flight niya. Di naman yun mawawala sa rason, pero sana wag nyang gawing personal yung mga bagay na ganito DAHIL GINAGAWA KO LANG ANG TRABAHO KO. At IMPOSIBLENG DI NIYA NAKITA KUNG ANO ANG MGA GINAWA KO PARA MAIHABOL SIYA.

Ayun siguro ang sinasabi niyang chumichika sa mga tweets niya dahil di naman niya naiintindihan ang procedure na ginagawa namen PARA LANG MAIHABOL siya. Lahat ng paninira at panghuhusga iniexpect ko na sakanya. sana mukha ko nlang ang pinicturan. Para mapakita niya kung pano ko inexplain ng maayos ang totoong dahilan:

0920H (9:20AM) ang flight to 5J196. Nag-approach sya sa counter 0906H (09:06AM)  na. Eh ilang minuto nalang paalis na ang flight nila. At di naman yun basta basta kasi di naman bus ang sasakyan niya. Pano ko siya maihahabol? Ganun ganun nalang ba to? Wag sanang sasama ang loob ng mga pasahero pero ano nga bang mali sa procedure na ginawa ko? O ano naman butas ang gagawin niya??? Hmmmm

Sabi nga nila, di lahat ng kwento at litratong pinapakita sa media , eh may katotohanan. At kung may katotohanan man, ano nga ba ang naging dahilan nito??
Wag sana ninyong gamitin ang ganitong klaseng paninira para lang maipakita ninyo na kayo ang palageng TAMA. ☺ Maawa kayo sa mga taong sinisiraan nyo.
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This Is Probably One Of The Best "Chandelier" Rendition You'll Ever Hear

4-chair turner Jordan Smith shocks The Voice coaches with his unique version of Sia's hit song.

Jordan Smith has the crowd cheering with his blind audition take on "Chandelier." This video posted right after the show already garnered 7 Million whooping views in just one week! Watch and you'll find out why.

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NSFW: MMA Fighter Poops In Cage After Submission

There are occurrences that take place in the world of mixed martial arts that fans are thankful have never taken place inside the world-famous octagon. Nothing would be more mortifying for the glory of the sport than watching a grown man or woman poop their pants and have it fall over the mat in the cage on FS1.

Luckily, that is what we have regional MMA shows for.

According to the uploader, the pants-pooper goes by the name of Travis Wolford. Wolford attended a chili cook off the night before his fight and although he may be a master chili cooker, he found out that beans doesn’t mix with fighting.

He was taken down and appeared to have pooped his pants long before the submission hold was applied. Just… watch for yourself in the video above. Credit goes to Cmelander of /r/MMA for pointing this clip out.

Friday, October 2, 2015

"Surprise" Sexy Dancers Flirt With Liberal Party, Then This Video Surfaces

Sexy, flirty, hot dance all over the stage? Perfect for campaign.

This new Facebook video uploaded by an anonymous concerned citizen showed a pretty much scandalous activity happening at a certain celebration with the Liberal Party in Laguna.

Congressman Benjamin Agarao Jr C. on the spotlight with sexy dancers
According to the emcee during the said event, the girls who said to appear was a "surprise" gift for everyone who have attended this LP-exclusive party.

Check out the posted video below (Warning: SEMI-NSFW)

And while the said party involved was completely defending the event, calling it an isolated case, another photo has surfaced with on of these girls wearing a "Tolentino" shirt, making some netizens assume that it was actually his plan to do this.

Kuya, higa ka. Akong bahala sayo.

So go for that "daang matuwid", or choose:

Your thoughts?

Would You Cross This 290-Meter, 590-Feet High Bridge In China Made Of... Glass?

China built a big, scary glass bridge.

Facebook Page AJ+ recently posted this leg-tingling video of a glass bridge. It's all glass and looks cool. But there's a catch: you will have to walk more than a quarter of a kilometer suspended in 590 feet! Would you dare?

492 meters. Almost looking like suspended on air.
Legs got so weak
Here's the full video: