VIRAL TODAY: Can You Solve This Elementary Logic Question?

Can you solve this problem? A trick question, or a real math-logic problem?

There’s Been A Secret Game In Your GOOGLE CHROME This Whole Time!

Did you know that a dinosaur was ALSO the main character in a secret game hidden in your browser?

THIS Is Why You Shouldn’t Trust A Stranger: The LIMBO Prank!

Yes. Here’s why YOU shouldn’t. Here. Have a laugh.

This Guy Saved His $1,100 Drone, 1 SECOND Away From Drowning In Water!

Watch this EPIC scene, 1 second away from losing his 1000-dollar drone!

Couples Were Asked About Their Relationship. This Is What They Said.

We asked couples from all over the world to tell us about their relationship. This is what they said…

Lady Pretends To Find $100 On The Ground, A Woman Tries To CLAIM It!

This is what happens when she claim it with conviction… I promise to God, ma’am

[VIDEO] WTF: One Million Firecrackers Fired In 30 SECONDS!

Can you beat this? You can’t. You won’t. NEVER.

[VIDEO] Daniel Kim Releases POP DANTHOLOGY 2014!

There he is again, for the 2014 edition mixed from 66 hot tracks of the year! LISTEN HERE!

This Psycho Santa Claus Scare Prank Is Terrifying!!

Watch as this Santa turns their Christmas wishes into a FREAKIN’ NIGHTMARE.

The Disturbing Uncensored Artworks That Reflect Modern Society

Reality bites. They’re all shown in this artwork.

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